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Sound Meditation

The Sound Dojo:

Nestled in the heart of the Hudson Valley, The Dojo is an ambisonic listening room with a unique multi-channel speaker array. Using it as an instrument itself, we also explore expanding the dimensionality of sound by combining acoustic elements at times with electro-acoustic layers through live sampling and pre-conceived scenes in sound. Not to be confused with theatrics or performance, this ceremonial setting is designed as an opportunity to nurture personal transformation and explore the nature of consciousness, with an emphasis on natural harmonics as the fundamental tapestry, thread to the experience, grounding source, and vehicle for the journey.

Sound Meditation Experience:

How we perceive sound and vibration helps shape our reality, our understanding of presence, and can provide a rich opportunity for self-exploration.

The guided experience we provide is a transportive sonic journey and meditation combining deep breathing, vocal toning, guided visualizations, and a collection of instruments such as gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks and other overtone-rich instruments. It is structured as an internal experience using sound as a vehicle for self-inquiry, meditation, contemplation, and mindfulness. 

By exploring the architecture, moods and colors behind these vibrations, as well as using our own curiosity to activate a new awareness, it is easier to engage with the sound, discovering something both astonishingly new and soothingly familiar. In these places of non-ordinary and expanding consciousness or experiential learning--we are able to more easily access and comfortably observe our behavior, feelings, and deepest emotions.

Through this language, using sound as a tool, we will explore heightened awareness, facilitating moments of peace, clarity, insight and relaxation, and bringing our body in to attunement with our heart's and mind’s energy. This can be a powerful time for personal transformation and an opportunity to gain new perspectives.  


As facilitators and guides, we promote self-empowerment in these spaces—designing creative conditions where participants are able to activate inner wisdom and intuition and to “be in process” safely.  The most effective healer is oneself.

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