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Eliza and Josh have facilitated sound meditations together for over a decade, with previous weekly NYC residencies at both The Woom Center and The Assemblage.

More recently, they are exploring the psychoacoustic properties of immersive 3D sound--creating spatial sound meditations for groups, and one-on-one transformational work, as well as museum and pop-up installations, utilizing overtone-rich instruments in concert with an originally designed 22-channel ambisonic audio system at their retreat The Dojo Upstate


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Eliza has spent the last 11 years in NYC as an Art Director and Designer for print, digital, and experiential. Her love for curating an experience informs her approach as a musician exploring consciousness and meditation. 



As a classically trained musician and

multi-instrumentalist, Josh spent the past two decades in NYC as a composer and music producer for film and television, exploring sound as a vehicle for transformation through mindfulness and meditation, and immersive storytelling. 

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