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Vogue Press

The Dojo Upstate mentioned in an article about the best at home virtual sound experiences.

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NY Times

Interactive Meditation Article

An ecotherapeutic meditation combining visual landscapes and sound. 

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NY Times Press

Binaural Sound Meditation mentioned among creative ways of how people are connecting in the virtual space.


Beauty and Well-being Interview

An interview where we explain our Binaural Sound Meditation and share quarantine tips.

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Flux Press

Creating immersive space using SPAT Revolution.

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Why Not Just Call It Sound Healing?

Good friend Alexandre Tannous explains the value of referring to this work as Sound Meditation

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Goop Meditation Videos

A 10-minute Breathwork Meditation and 1-hour Binaural Sound Meditation. 

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Vogue Press

A collaboration with mass meditation group The Big Quiet and the AMNH to bring a site-specific design and build of an immersive sound experience.

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