SoundMind Collective

Launch Event

Launch Event: May 10th 2:30 - 5:00pm EST | Binaural Sound Meditation @4:00pm EST

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Tune in today, Sunday May 10th, 2:30 - 5:00pm EST as we celebrate the launch of the

SoundMind Collective. Our regular scheduled Binaural Sound Meditation beginning @4:00pm EST.

Schedule of Events

2:30 - INTRO

2:45 - Meditation with Jackie Stewart

3:00 - Discussion with Alexandre Tannous & Dennis McKenna

3:20 - Performance by Neel Murgai

3:30 - Performance by Christiane Karam

3:35 - Meditation with Dr. Terence Caulkins

3:50 - Intro to Sound Meditation with Alexandre Tannous

4:00 - Binaural Sound Meditation with Josh & Eliza Peck

5:00 - Closing Statements

The SoundMind Collective shares conscious content of varied natures to support a state of equanimity, a balanced mind, regulated emotions, and a healthy approach. In short, our intent is to assist the community in preserving resonance within.

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With love, Josh & Eliza 

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